Friday, June 15, 2012

Community Fasting and Organizing! What?!

That idea fascinated our minds. It was just 2 weeks later, we had a name for that project. Bike-Race?! Global Bike Journey?! Biketrotting?!
GlobalBikeTrotting! That´s it. Ok! What to do next? Ah, a day of start! Let´s check our organizers.
We can´t wait! 22nd! July! Very soon! - Let´s do it!
Wow! The date of start was set. Mhhh.. what to do next? and How!?........
Ah! Thousands of things which need to be done... Our organizers full of appointments and deadlines...
Nothing to eat to find in our kitchen.. ahhh...
Well, that fact had a sense. A few weeks before we had this mind blowing idea, we decided to try fasting for about one week.
Matthias did that when he was 19 years of age because his mother has done it several times for about 3 weeks. Peter´s sister
just did it the last week. Kitchen-session said: Why not try?! Together! Let us share that experience! One community! Nothing to eat!
We found that quite interesting. Also because in W├╝rzburg there is a big asylum home which seems to be a big issue for ages. And recently a bunch of asylum seekers, which have been waiting already for about 15 years for any decision,
 did a hunger strike for 4 weeks of time.
It was a big thing here...
So why not feel a bit sympathetic with them?
And anyway. How many people on earth simply have to starve day by day?! Probably more than us four, right?
So besides all the other personal advantages, like getting more focused, concentrated, nice shiny hair and strong skin, was showing solidarity to the people from Iran and all the other people on earth starving for some reason a big sense to us living without food...
And in fact, Matthias finally received the predicted increase of energy after the 4th day of fasting.
Best time to be active! NOW!

...4th night, 5th night, 6th night, ...... Done! The website was born! Easy? So easy!
- Puh! It felt like laying an egg.. An egg full of surprises and adventures.

We ate that egg together after we all started eating again. That was so satisfying, so we felt much more responsible to help people who doesn't have anything to eat or drink day by day.
Matthias, his girlfriend and another mate raised together an amount of
money which is symbolizing an average weekly consumption of food per week.

We were fasting - Other people can drink and eat... Fair enough! ;-)

48 Euros for drinking-water-projects!

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