Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Idea

The last three weeks have been running really good for the project. The homepage is set up quite all right. The idea is clear, the first riders have been offered their routes. It means a lot to us to see how fast the project is growing. The idea which started only a month ago is quickly moving into realms of reality. It feels like living a dream for us.

We want to explain a little bit how this crazy idea went into our minds.  

Only a kitchen?
It was one day in may 2012. We had a spontaneous meeting with our flatmates in our kitchen which is our community "centre" In here we do many things together: Cooking, Talking, Drinking, Fighting, Partying and sometimes also philosophising about, in Germany we say: "god and the world".
During that kind of talking three of us have found half a year ago the "Umsonstladen" called "Luftschloss". It´s a free-give-away-shop which is successfully practicing sustainability.
Anyway, at this evening we started to talk about a way to offer free bikes in würzburg. We were considering to offer around 10 bicycles in Würzburg which are significant Luftschloss-Bikes. Anybody who wants could ride them - for free. Once someone would has finished his trip he would leave the "2wheel" to someone else, who wants to ride it. Sounds good we thought!
After having our "five-minutes-community-brainstorming" to find a way to get that a bit organized it suddenly came up like a... whatever it was... It was the moment, where that project was born:
Let us send a bicycle not just around Würzburg. 

So which power leads us to actually realize that?
Haha! FUN! The passion to madness! And this small thing here:

Almost daily we listen to many ideas to make the world better which are not going to be realized and we think it´s a pitty to just keep all those beautiful out of reality. This project has another meaning. It shall inspire all us to be more positive, creative and active, instead of complaining, to help forming our world in a much better shape... 

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