Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Luftschloss Summerparty and drinks for water projects!!

7th June
Nice People! Cool Spot! Fire twirling! Critical Mass! T-shirt Printing!
Jam-session! Barbecue! Beer! Sun! Rain! Fun!

GlobalBikeTrotting for critical mass 
Those are only a few wicked things which took place just in front of the Free-give-away-shop Luftschloss.
It was a proper summer party. Everyone joined in and had fun, people offered workshops or were participating in one, some just chillaxed and listened to the good music which was surrounding the beautiful scenery.
When someone got thirsty, he got himself a chilled beer, coke, lemonade, or just water and donated for drinking-water projects.

The proceeds: 130€ - Another amount of money to fight for clean drinking water!

Thank you to all the people who supported that great day...!

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