Sunday, July 15, 2012

Critical Mass Würzburg

drrrrrrr (drum roll): today my first story on this blog! I am Sabine, the other person who had this crazy idea and is still convinced, that it becomes reality- in one week! ;-)

Last thursday was another critical mass in Wuerzburg. I arrived with some friends 15 minutes earlier and there were already so many people waiting! They wanted to have a nice biketour through the city- on the streets as a really road user, not only on the bad and fragmentary bicycle lanes, some wanted to demonstrate for more bicycle lanes, but they all wanted to start the tour and enjoy the tour with nice weather after the rain in the afternoon.
And it would have starten easily, but there were a lot of police man...and they told all the people, all participants need the same sign and it has to be an armlet.`s hard to find around 80 armlets somewhere near the main on a big parking.
But fortunately an idea came up: we printed GlobalBikeTrotting Flyer and had sticky tape. So we put the flyer everybody on his T-Shirt on the arms or on the back and so we all had the same sign and could start our bike tour through the city!

Lilli and Diana painted advertising for GBT for our bikes and so a lot of people asked us about the projekt! And many bought buttons with our nice logo and have the chance for the first kilometer with our bike!

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