Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Start! We are Trotting!

The ultra beer powered
 bamboo accelerator
12 o´clock, we proudly present:
At Saturday evening the “Bamboo Bike Weekend” started with a party in front of the free- give away shop Luftschloß. As an opener the Band “Dinosaur Bubbles” played their good old songs and everybody was enjoying the nice atmosphere supported by a lot of candles and lights. Exactly at midnight Sabine and Matthias showed up on the microphone and told the curious public the new name of the bike. The bike got uncovered, got his first shower of champagne and is called now “The ultra beer powered bamboo accelerater”. After this peak, the program continued and the new trailer of Global Bike Trotting was presented, which will be shown as well on this Website during the next days. It was a pretty nice Global Bike Celebration and I’m sure everybody agrees that drinking beer and donating for drinking water projects at the same time just makes you feel good.
This good feeling from Saturday night got even better with the perfect weather on Sunday morning, though the organisation team had a tiny lack of sleep and maybe a little headache....

Matthias, Major of Würzburg, Ronald the second rider, Sabine
Major rides a bamboo bike
Felix won the first ride
Anyway, the Bike is going to start its trip around the world on this lovely sunday in Würzburg. A lot of people came to see what was happening next to the Main. There was coffee and cake, live music and a lottery with buttons for the first ride with the bamboo bike around the city center. Even the major came to hold a speech and to provide his support for the project and of course to take a short ride on the bamboo bike.   
First route: unique-circle-sightseeing
 at Residenz Würzburg with 20 riders for support
Around 3.30 p.m. the winner of the lottery got announced and Felix, the keyboarder of the band  got was the lucky one to ride the bike around Würzburg city center.  
             With a countdown the “the ultra beer powered bamboo accelerater”, Felix and around 20 other people on their bikes started the the first tour with a very unique sightseeing of Global Bike Trotting.

Thanks to everybody for supporting, coming, donating, having fun, dancing, smiling and trotting...

The proceeds from buttons, beer, cakes, and other donations for drinking water projects in India for these 2 days are 302,56€.    We get closer to India!      Text: Lilian Winter

First handing over. We start Trotting!