Monday, August 13, 2012

Bamboo-Action in Dresden!
Matthias, me and Nastka went to Dresden, all from different directions and met in the pedestrian zone in Dresden on a Saturday morning. Globetrotter sponsored our project with some waterproofed bags for the bike and so we had a information place in front of globetrotter.

"Have a testride with our bamboo bike" - and so a lot of people tested our self-builed bamboo bike. Some were very interested in the construction, some wanted to test the feeling, a lot of people knew the bike already from a Dresdner newspaper and only wanted to the the real bike or to talk with us about the project.
For us it was really interesting to talk to so many different people. Some passioned cyclists tryed out the bamboo bike, some told us about bicycle days in different countries of Europe, some only wanted sweets for free. And we collected about 100 euros in one day in the pedestrian zone!

Test Rides on the Bamboo Bike

Ride through the old part of Dresden
After our bamboo action I went by bamboo bike through the old part of Dresden with Frauenkirche, Semper Opera and all the old mayestic buildings. It is a very nice feeling to ride it in a city, 400 km from W├╝rzburg, where we finished the constructions and to know, that there were 7 riders before me and I did some kilometres of the long way. And a lot of people talked to me, because they have seen the bike in a Dresdner newspaper the day before. Yeah, I was really proud of the bike and the project! And I imagined, how it would be for the next drivers, maybe to ride through Istanbul? Or on the coast? Or in the north of India? Maybe the bike is a great attraction for all the people on the way? Maybe the are only wondering? Maybe many don`t recognize it? All can happen. And I am really looking forward for all the following stories from the next riders.
After the nice trip through the city we crossed the Elbe over the big bridge and arrived in the very sympathic quarter, in "Neustadt" and went to a bar, where we had the GlobalBikeTrotting concert with two bands:
Dinosaur Bubbles
Dinosaur Bubbles form Wuerzburg and Roman`s band from Dresden!
The bar was a small and athmospheric vine cellar, and all the guests really made good party to the fazer rock and jazz-balkan-party-rock sound!
Thank you all for having that great evening with us! Especially for the two bands! I really enjoyed the music of you!!
And after the party the party went on in Neustadt and at our home in Dresden ... ;-)
And the next day I had the chance, to went in a really band-tour-mini-extrem crowded-car back to Wuerzburg and to experience the "flair" in Hof.

Roman and his band
 TEXT: Sabine Metzger

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