Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rock´n´Bamboo at Highfield Festival

Safety Check: OK!
My Bungee Jump
Because my way passed Leipzig Viva Con Agua invited me to join the Highfield Festival

It was so cool to see such big bands as Placebo, the Black Keys, The Wombats, Beatsteaks and

Many visitors came to have a ride on me, even the frontman of “The Subways” Billy
Lunn! My friends Sabine, Nastka and Matthias were collecting refundable cups and cans for drinking water projects in India and Uganda. So my bags were filled with cold drinking water to refresh the people at the festival..

At Sunday night I was pulled up on a bungee rope on a huge crane. What a view over the festival area!

With 20.000 people, more than 30 degrees, dust like in a desert, famous bands I experienced the probably
craziest weekend this summer!  Thanks to everyone!


Text: The Bamboo Bike

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  1. Is there really such thing as a bamboo bike? I know it has been widely used to make furniture and houses but it never occurred to me that this can be used for bikes. Cool concept, though and fun event!