One World, One Bicycle - 
You and many others are riding it in a relay-race.
Bamboo1, a handmade bicycle, started at the 22nd of July 2012 from Würzburg in Germany its journey around the world.
Since this day different people are riding the bike in a relay-race. On their way they support drinking water projects in Bihar India.

How does it work?
Felix started riding Bamboo1 from Würzburg (Germany) heading towards east. Once he arrived at his destination he, Trotter 1, delivered the bike to Ronald. He rode his chosen route and handed it over to Sophia,Trotter 3. She decided to visit her parents by riding Bamboo1.
The exact route depends on the riders' plans and is very flexible. Once the bike has passed all five continents and finally returned back to Würzburg the race will be finished. The first stage is the drinking water project in Bihar India

How do we supply drinking water?
We fundraise money by sponsoring a Trotter, offering Bamboo1-testrides, selling buttons or organizing a benefit party in a place, where Bamboo1 is passing by.
Once the bike gets to our water project in India, which is a way of 7000km, we are looking to fundraise 7000€.

Why do we do this?
We are aiming to connect people and to cross cultural borders, by promoting the philosophy of global friendship without boundaries. For that reason we are not only sharing the goal of travelling around the globe, but also the tool to do so. A bicycle, which will change hands on the way is going to implement trust and and global awareness into the project.

And that´s us:
We are Sabine and Matthias, living in a student shared house in the heart of germany in Würzburg. At one night in May 2012 we came up with the idea of GlobalBikeTrotting...

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