Can I take part and ride the bike?!
YES! Please! Anyone, who is motivated to ride the bike and minded to support drinking water projects is welcome to participate!!!

Does it cost me any money to take part?
No, it´s totally for free. You are welcome to donate money for drinking-water-projects.

How far do I need to ride the bike to participate?
It doesn´t matter how far! Whether you go a hundred meter or 1000 kilometers, it´s your choice!

Is there a specific route, which I need to ride?
No! The exact route is dynamic and is depending only on the riders' plans! Just one thing: the direction should be more or less the east! The first destination is Bihar, India.

How can I get the bike to ride it?
Register here and wait until we contact you.

I finished my Route.How can I hand it over to the next rider?

There are 2 ways:

  • Find someone who wants to participate and ask him to get registered here. Tell him to do the same as you did. If you can´t find anyone try to look at our map if you can find an offered route which matches to your position. One click on the route shows you a number (for example "rider 123"), Then send a request to info@globalbiketrotting.org and we send you the contact details. Meet up and hand over BAMBOO 1.
  • Leave the bike in a bicycle shop which you trust and send the contact-details to info@globalbiketrotting.org. Make sure they can speak at least a little english. If you can´t find one please try it in some restaurants or cafes. Most important thing: people who you would trust!

Can I transport the bike a few kilometers by car, truck, train, plane, ship, balloon or zeppelin?
No! and yes! As far as we know a bicycle can´t swim yet. If you know one, which is able to do such incredible things, please tell us. When the bike needs to cross the ocean, of course, it must be transported somehow.. 

Unfortunately I can´t ride the bike! Is there any other way to support Global Bike Trotting?
You are lucky! YES! We need help in any kind:

Offer a service in your local bike-shop!
Organize your Checkpoint-Benefit-Party to raise money for drinking water projects in your City, Town or Village!
Tell people, local newspaper and TV about GlobalBikeTrotting and Viva con Agua! Spread around the idea of the resource turn by showing that bike to your friends.

Inspire us with your ideas. Be a part of Global Bike Trotting!
Support Viva con Agua by donating money!

Or just stop buying bottled water ;-)
All that you can do here.

How can I donate money to support Viva con Agua?
Thank you so much for your help! It´s so easy!
Simply donate here at betterplace.org.
You get a donation receipt and you can follow where your money is going to.

Are my donations going to 100% to Viva con Agua?
Yes, we guarantee this! Global Bike Trotting works completely voluntarily..

I have much more questions! Where do I get all my answers from?
Simply email us to info@globalbiketrotting.org
We are looking forward to get in touch with you!