On your Way

To take part you have sent your signed Liable Waver Form to Matthias Kalla, Stephanstr. 13, 97070 Würzburg, Germany.

What next?

Stay calm until the bike is located close to your route. Once it´s close enough, we will send you an email to let you know! 
Meanwhile you are waiting to get the bike you can watch out for sponsors donating for drinking water projects.

All done? You have got the bike? Please follow this Tutorial:

1. We wish you a nice trip!
Have fun! Enjoy the way with our self-built-bamboo-bike.

2. We want to know where you and our bike are!
Send us frequently your position!

3. We want to be with you!
Send your story, pictures or videos about your trip and the handing-over to info@globalbiketrotting.org.

4. We want to fundraise money for drinking water projects
Fundraise money for drinking water projects! Find out how.

5.  You finished your route! We want to do a relay race!
Find the next rider and ask him to get registered. If you can´t find anyone to ride, please leave BAMBOO 1 in a local bicycle shop which you trust and send us the contact details so that we can arrange the next rider.

Make a picture when you are handing over the bike!...

...or a picture from the bicycle store!

6. Done this?
Be happy and follow the next riders´ stories!