Riding for Water

Because we want to connect another good thing in our project, we decided to fundraise money for charity projects to help turning our planet to a better place. So which project shall we support? While trying to answer that question in a responsible and thoughtful way, we found out that every 10th person on our planet has no access to clean drinking water. The mission of our project is to bring the world together with riding around it. So how can we reach that goal when we have to leave 10% of our population behind!? There are many defects on earth which need to be fixed, but first of all we want to make sure:

Every human being has a right to access clean drinking water! 

Viva con Agua is a charity organisation which gathers money by amazing actions and donations to run drinking water and sanitary projects in the developing countries. The projects of Viva con Agua are put into practice together with the Welthungerhilfe and local partners in the projects' country. Welthungerhilfe is one of Germanys biggest NGOs with 50 years of experience and Know-How in the field of development work. Both Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe withhold only 3% of the donations to cover their operating costs. The Welthungerhilfe is holding the DZI donation seal which approves a responsive and transparent handling with donations.
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Let us ride together for clean drinking water in India!

First stage! We ride from W├╝rzburg to WASH in INDIA: 7000km - We want to fundraise 7000€